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Multiple sclerosis resources

There are a number of MS-friendly diets that aim to manage MS symptoms and limit disease progression. I have listed a few great resources that I have read and re-read throughout my own healthy journey.

Multiple Sclerosis links

Overcoming MS (Professor George Jelinek)

Offers the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis diet as well as recipes, exercises and podcasts. Visit for some great advice.

Terry Wahls

Dr Terry Wahls also offers research-backed strategies to manage multiple sclerosis and uses the paleo principles for her ms recovery program.

Swank MS Foundation

Which provided a lifetime of research by Dr Roy L. Swank.

Multiple Sclerosis books

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, Professor George Jelinek

This book is a great read. It provides lots of valuable recommendations for diet, lifestyle and supplements. Prof George Jelinek also writes about the journey with his mum being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and his subsequent diagnosis. This book gave me hope and became my bible in so many ways to be well.

The Wahls Protocol, Dr Terry Wahls

This book shares the journey of Dr Terry Wahls and how she reversed her debilitating MS symptoms with a gluten free and paleo diet plus supplements and exercise. She went from being wheelchair bound to riding her push bike. You can read all about the Wahls Protocol and her recommendations on food and exercise.

Minding my Mitochrondria, Dr Terry Wahls

This book is about properly fueling your body at the subcellular level.

The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book, Professor Roy Swank and Barbara Brewer Dugan

For over 34 years Dr Roy Swank MD, an academic neurologist researched high dietary fat intake and multiple sclerosis. His book offers dietary advice. Dr Roy Swank passed away in 2008 however the Swank MS Foundation still continues today supporting individuals with multiple sclerosis.