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Health and nutrition coaching for lasting wellness

Personalised nutrition services that take a systems-biology approach, focusing on identifying and addressing underlying imbalances.

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How I work

Individualised care

I believe that each person has their own set of needs, goals and biomedical factors, so a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition isn't going to work. That's why I take the time to get to know my clients, their goals, and their struggles—so I can help them figure out what foods and habits will work for them.


I believe in evidence-informed practice: using the latest research and studies. This means that even though there are a lot of different opinions out there, you can be sure that when I give you advice or make recommendations, it based on research.


Finally, education: I want you to feel empowered by your own health decisions, so I’m passionate about helping you understand why food choices matter and showing you ways to improve your overall health.


Metabolic Balance® Program

Each Metabolic Balance® diet plan is completely unique to the individual created by taking your 36 blood values, combined with body measurements and food choices, creating a very personal plan matching exact foods to what your body needs.

If you are struggling with losing weight and hormonal imbalances then Metabolic Balance® is for you. I can provide you with a proven, step by step process to reset your metabolism and lose weight.

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Nutrition services

I am here to help you live your healthiest life possible. I offer personalised coaching around nutrition that focus on the unique needs of each individual.

I use evidence-informed practices and focus on biomedically-based factors when it comes to chronic illness, weight loss, and other health concerns. We will work together one-on-one to create a plan based on your goals and lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions

If you haven’t seen a Clinical Nutritionist before you may be wondering how they can help with diet and nutrition.

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please contact me.


Multiple Sclerosis, nutrition and weight loss resources

Nutrition is a huge part of your overall health and wellness and for that reason I have put together some resources that you can refer to.