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Chronic Illness & weight loss coach

Self empowerment through nutrition

I help people manage chronic illness and weight loss through food and nutrition. As a wellness coach living with a chronic illness, I can provide you with strategies to improve your diet and enhance your quality of life.

About me


As someone who suffers from a chronic illness, I understand the struggle and the need to regain a sense of control and improve your quality of life. What you choose to eat has a profound effect on your overall health with research showing that dietary habits can influence disease risk.

Nutrition plays an important role in weight, energy, mood, potential to influence disease prevention, health and longevity. I decided early on that I would #dowhateverittakes to be as healthy as I could be to reduce the risk of disease progression.

Rae Cassidy, Clinical Nutritionist
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What I do

Support your health journey with nutrition

As a clinical nutritionist with a special interest in multiple sclerosis I can help better manage symptoms of multiple sclerosis and improve overall health. Additionally, I can provide nutrition management strategies to help you:

  • Achieve your optimal weight
  • Manage pain and fatigue
  • Increase vitality and performance
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Improve your quality of life

Love from clients

“I love the Metabolic Balance® program. I know what foods to eat, how much to eat and when to eat them. I have lost weight that I hadn’t been able to shift and feel amazing but most of all it has given me back my self-confidence. I am truly grateful for this program”.


“I have seen Raecheal a number of times to help me get on top of my food what is best for me to be eating while going through menopause.  Her knowledge, understanding and passion for what she does is awesome. Everything has been implemented easily and has not been overwhelming. I highly recommend Raecheal.“


“I didn’t really know what to do when I was experiencing ongoing health issues.  Raecheal really put my medical struggles in order with her knowledge and being so keen to listen and explore my way of life and culture. My problems are now manageable.“


“I saw Raecheal as I was suffering with so many allergies. Raecheal was able to recognise this as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I have taken her advice and gone off dairy and changed to soy products and the difference has been amazing. My sensitivities have lessened to such an amazing degree and she also changed my diet and some of the foods I was consuming. I have so much more energy. I am so grateful for her knowledge and her kindness and helping me change my life.”


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If you're looking to get extra help with your diet, nutrition, or health, I'm here to help!


Multiple Sclerosis, nutrition and weight loss resources

Nutrition is a huge part of your overall health and wellness and for that reason I have put together some resources that you can refer to.